Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation:

  • We will assess your current legal issues and problems
  • We will provide our feedback and experience
  • We will provide recommendations and legal strategies
  • We will invite you to ask questions

By clicking the purchase button, you agree that you have read, understood, and will abide by our law firm’s disclaimer as it applies to this initial consultation. You hereby acknowledge that the initial consultation constitutes a preliminary session, wherein we seek to identify the key issues relevant to your situation, and that our review is limited to the time we have with you. The initial consultation is not comprehensive, and we may not have sufficient time to perform prior work, including, but not limited to, legal research or document review before the initial consultation. For a more in-depth review, we may be required to work with clients beyond the initial hour in order to provide the benefit of legal research and written analysis before they make important decisions. Finally, we will run a conflict check and must have a signed retainer agreement, where you agree to hire our law firm and we agree to enter into an attorney-client relationship with you prior to performing legal services. Once you complete the purchase, we will contact you in order to schedule an appropriate time. We will ask you to provide us with several windows of availability for a teleconference or meeting. We reserve the full hour for you and invest time before the initial consultation. Therefore, we charge for the full hour. If the initial consultation ends before the hour, we may, within our sole discretion, reduce a portion of the charge, or apply the balance towards future legal services. In general, the hour is spent creating a more solid foundation for the client, so you can understand your rights and responsibilities.